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Memories of Tom Petty display on a large monitor, as Stevie Nicks performs at the Gorge Amphitheatre in Quincy, WA on May 14. (Melanie Mcdaniel)
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RECAP: Quincy, WA – The Gorge

Stevie Nicks performed at the Gorge Amphitheatre on Saturday night, the third show of the 2022 tour.

The tour takes a three-week break before resuming at the RV Inn Style Resorts Amphitheater in Ridgefield, Washington on June 10.

Set List

Outside the Rain/Dreams

“Welcome! Welcome to one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen, ever. It’s the gorgeous gorge. So I’m really glad to be here and I’m really glad… You know, I’ve been home like everybody else has in baggy pants and bedroom slippers and watching miniseries and teaching my dog tricks and it’s like, it’s really different to be out here I have to tell you. So that being said, let’s just get this party started!”

If Anyone Falls

Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around

“So this next song was the first song off of Bella Donna, and it was not written by me. And had this song not been given to me by a really good friend of mine, I don’t know if we’d even be standing here tonight. I think that that was the beginning — this song was the beginning of this whole solo career, so here it is, ‘Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around.’ Thank you, Tom Petty.”

“Wow, what a moon!”

Wild Heart/Bella Donna

“So we sail back to 1981 and 1983, Bella Donna and Wild Heart. Oh, those were the days! Someday, I’ll write a book, someday.”

“Thank you. But I also just want to do a little wardrobe thing I want you to share with me. This is the original Bella Donna cape from 1981! It is in perfect shape, cost a lot of money. My mom got very mad, said that’s a lot of money for that. I said, ‘Well, think about when I’m like really old and we can divide it into that, and it can be like 10 bucks a month.'”



“So this next song, there’s a lot of people here that I was not able, none of us here… We’re in a bubble. I’m actually Glinda, the good witch. Waddy here is, he’s the, he’s the green witch. And we’re in a bubble so we can’t really see anybody on this tour except to be up here. So I have so many friends out there that I can’t see but so I’m gonna do it, I’m just listing off dedications.

“This next song is dedicated to my cousins Sandy and Eddie because they are the kingpins of making Christmas happen every year. They are the decorators je ne sais quoi. They are the people who just make the whole thing roll. Of course, we haven’t really had that in three years, but next year maybe, hopefully, and their names are Sandy and Eddie. So, you guys, I know you’re out there, can’t really see you, but I know you’re there. I can feel it…the blob, the blob.

“And to Charles, who is an amazing doctor, who, every once in a while… We have friends, who get sick, and stuff happens and we call him. So he’s the doctor de jour, and he’s out there somewhere too so, if anything happens, just start yelling his name, ‘Charles! Charles, where are you?'”

“Anyway, this song, this little song is called ‘Landslide'”

Soldier’s Angel

At the Gorge show, Stevie was able to read the full story that she had prepared for “Soldier’s Angel.” Overwhelmed with emotion and tears by the war in Ukraine, she wasn’t able to read the full story at the Red Rocks show on May 11, three nights earlier.

“This next song is serious, and I actually wrote out something the day before yesterday before I left my bed, actually, because I wanted to tell you the story and if I knew if I just tried to tell it to you, I would talk for like an hour and that’s not what I wanted to do, so I wrote this out.

The next song was written 14 years ago. Sadly, I always knew it would be called back into service at some point in my life. Sometimes it’s easier to say how you feel in music and in pictures. I will let the song and the video tell the rest of the story. The sunflower painting was a birthday present for me from a lady in Ukraine. Her name is Julia. This is ‘Soldier’s Angel.’

The last image on the screen showed the words “Save Ukraine” with a QR code to Global Citizen’s #StandUpForUkraine, a humanitarian effort to help refugees from Ukraine and around the world.

“Thank you, everybody.”

Stand Back

Gold Dust Woman

Moonlight (A Vampire’s Dream)

“So I wanted to tell you before this song started, but we’ve only been doing this show like two other times, so my brain is like on fire and I forget that I want you to know something about this song. You know, I wrote it about…this place. I wrote it about…I wrote it about where we just came from this amazing hotel that was two-and-half hours away and drove through all the amazing trees and I’m going: This is the vampire’s place! This is where Edward and Bella lived, and this is about the song that I sing every night! So that made me really nervous because I felt like, whoa, I’m right in the middle of it here now, so it’s really real. Whoooo! Whoo-ooo! So anyway, I was a little nervous. I have sung it better before but I just want you to know it’s because I just have such a feeling. I fell in love with that story. I just wanted to like move here and find Edward. I’m done and I’m his…I’m just looking for him! So whenever it gets to that part where it says, ‘she’s see him,’ it’s like I see him. So anyway, just a little story for ya.”

Edge of Seventeen

Free Fallin’


Rock and Roll

“Thank you. Alright, we have one more song for you, and the story of this song really is the truth. It’s been a long time since we rocked and rolled, for sure. For sure, so here it is.”

Videos publicly shared by Azuresky88, Bulletproof Tiger, Michelle Mcdaniel, mistralwindbebe, and Julie Wake via YouTube — much love!

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