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Exhausted Stevie is safe, recommends new documentary ‘The Janes’

Stevie Nicks shared a post-tour update, writing that she has managed to avoid getting COVID. Team Stevie has done its best to maintain “the bubble,” keeping Stevie, her band, and her crew safe while touring the country amid the latest COVID surge — phew! 

Stevie also shared her thoughts about the Supreme Court recently overturning Roe v. Wade, calling the ruling “bad news.” She recommended the new HBO Max documentary The Janes, the true story of seven women, who built an underground service for women seeking safe, affordable, illegal abortions. The dissenting women called themselves “Jane,” a name which probably connected with Stevie on some level since, after all, she knows a thing or two about powerful and influential women named Jane.

“History is repeating itself, and it’s even more frightening this time,” Stevie concluded. We know that Stevie has important views on this topic, so we look forward to her continuing to speak her mind. Stay tuned!



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