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Tango in the Night (1987)

Fleetwood Mac Tango in the Night 1987Tango in the Night is Fleetwood Mac’s 14th studio album.


Warner Bros. Records released Tango in the Night on April 14, 1987. The album reached #7 on the Billboard Hot 200 Albums chart, spawning five singles, four of which reached the Billboard Top 40: “Big Love” (#5), “Seven Wonders (#19), “Little Lies” (#4), and “Everywhere” (#14). By the end of the year, Warner Bros. released “Family Man,” which also charted, reaching #90. In Europe, Warner Bros. exclusively issued a sixth single “Isn’t It Midnight.” In 1988, the RIAA certified Tango in the Night double platinum for the shipment of two million units to retailers.


  1. Big Love
  2. Seven Wonders
  3. Everywhere
  4. Caroline
  5. Tango in the Night
  6. Mystified
  7. Little Lies
  8. Family Man
  9. Welcome to the Room…Sara
  10. Isn’t It Midnight
  11. When I See You Again
  12. You and I, Part II


Editor’s Pick: ‘Isn’t It Midnight’

Tango in the Night benefits from Christine McVie’s reliable pop craftsmanship. Her songs are the most memorable on the album and temper the mixed offerings from Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks. Her best contribution is “Isn’t It Midnight,” a pop rock gem that boasts great hooks and a standout guitar solo from Buckingham, one that recalls Rumours anthem “Go Your Own Way.” While listeners are never hard pressed to hear McVie singing songs about love and romantic desire, she raises the bar in “Midnight,’ delivering her most intriguing lyrics since “Brown Eyes” (from Tusk): “Isn’t it midnight on the side of the world? / Do you remember the face of a pretty girl? / The face of a pretty girl.”

Stevie on her Klonopin addiction

“What started happening was that if I didn’t take it, my hands started to shake. I felt like I had a neurological disease or Parkinson’s. I started not being able to get to Lindsey Buckingham’s house on time, and I would get there and everybody was drinking, so I’d have a glass of wine — don’t mix tranquilizers and wine. Then I’d sing horrific parts on his songs, and he would take the parts off. I was hardly on Tango of the Night, which I happen to love.”

Official videos

Big Love


Seven Wonders

Fleetwood Mac - Seven Wonders (Official Music Video)


Little Lies

Fleetwood Mac - Little Lies



Fleetwood Mac - Everywhere (1987)