Fleetwood Mac, Tango in the Night, 1987
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You and I, Part I (B-side)

You, under strange falling skies
You, with a love that would not die
You, you and I
You, you and I

You, where the strange wind blows
You, with the secrets no one knows
You, you and I
You, you and I

(Lindsey Buckingham/Christine McVie) © 1987 Now Sounds Music/Fleetwood Mac Music (BMI)

About the Song

Fleetwood Mac, Big Love, You and I Part I, Tango in the Night, 1987“You and I, Part I” is the b-side track of the “Big Love” single. “You and I” was split into two different songs, with Part II being Tango in the Night‘s closing track.

“You and I, Part I & Part 2” (Full Version) appears on Disc 2 of the 2017 reissue of Tango in the Night.