Living the dream

Stevie Nicks’ passion for performing still burns strong.

Into her sixth decade as a performer, Stevie Nicks continues to hypnotise and delight fans around the world with her husky voice.

With the release of her seventh solo album, In Your Dreams, and an upcoming Australian tour, you’d think performing would be old hat for the 63-year-old, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

“I get nervous from time to time, but I’ve found ways to curb my nerves,” Stevie tells Woman’s Day. “I smile with my eyes and look at the other performers and try to remember how special these moments are.” It is the “live experience” that drives artists such as herself, and it is a crucial bonding exercise for fans in the digital age.

“It’s hard to make it in the music business now,” says Stevie, who released her first solo album in 1981. “It’s much harder, simply because of two words — internet piracy.”

In 1983 Stevie dated a man she “adored” who introduced her to computer recording. “I didn’t know whether to be thrilled about that or not,” she remembers, adding she realised what the future held for singers when he dumped her to spend time with his music machine.

“I wrote in my diary at home, ‘If this is what computers can do, replace me and be more fun to spend time with than me…’ I knew from that moment on they were going to change the world.”

But she believes no technology can surpass the power of live performances, and hopes to bring once-in-a-lifetime moments to Australian audiences when she tours in November.

“It’s something to remember when we are gone and all the children have is this weird virtual world that they have created,” she says.

Lucy Chesterton / Woman’s Day (Australia) / July 18, 2011
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