In Your Dreams DVD contest winners!


Congratulations to the following winners who were selected to received a brand new copy of Stevie’s In Your Dreams documentary DVD! You will be contacted, via the address that you registered when you commented on the site, within 48 hours. Thank you for commenting and sharing your stories!

Please check back often for more contests and exciting giveaways!

Contest Winners

  1. Shauna Caldwell
  2. Berniepaintings Art
  3. Ashley Lenae Smith
  4. Lori Wademan-Rodrigue
  5. Roger Weeden
  6. Robert Cozzi
  7. Victoria Ling
  8. Stephanie (tophatsnbubbles)
  9. Rochelle Jeffreys
  10. Catherine (cet_87)
  11. Brian Cleveland
  12. Em Brown
  13. Melanie Franklin
  14. Sylvia L. Vasquez-Ellis
  15. Laurie Buckinger-Mcknight
  16. Dawn Wisniewski
  17. Michelle White McKenzie
  18. Eddie Castillo
  19. Julie Ann
  20. Jeff Horton
  21. Anita Kayed
  22. Christopher Harpel
  23. Herbert Welti
  24. David Higley
  25. Johnathon Quinones

Email addresses must match the ones used for commenting. Please note that this DVD is a Region 1 disc, which is only guaranteed to play in the United States and Canada. However, it may play on certain computers and devices that have a built-in converter. Please allow up to 4 weeks for the DVD to be delivered (most will be shipped within 7 days).


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