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Here is a compilation of interviews that Stevie gave on the red carpet of the MusiCares gala, Friday, February 10, 2017.

Access Hollywood

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Stevie Nicks speaks with Access Hollywood at MusiCares’ annual benefit gala in Los Angeles and reveals how her 1981 hit with Tom Petty, “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around,” was chosen as her debut solo single. Plus, what does she say about an upcoming Fleetwood Mac tour?



STEVIE: Tom’s willing to give you this song (“Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around”) that is an amazing single and sing it with you. And I was like, well, that’s a huge favor that I will never get over and never forget because had he not given that to me, it’s possible that Bella Donna would not have been a success.

Entertainment Tonight

We're live at the MusiCares Person Of The Year gala with Stevie Nicks and more!

Posted by Entertainment Tonight on Friday, February 10, 2017

STEVIE: Whenever I get a chance to be with Tom, for any reason at all, I’m always, if I can be there, I’m there, so. And if I get to sing with him, even better. So this is really exciting for both of us.

You know, you made a couple of duets with this guy. I mean, what do you remember most about making those records?

A lot of fun, you know. Well, being in a different band, you know. Coming out of Fleetwood Mac, and going into a solo career, which is when I first met him, so I was really in two bands, you know. And to be able to actually become, for all practical purposes almost a member of a third band, it’s amazing. It’s like, how many bands can a girl be in? But fantastic, you know, and we have such a connection — a singing-Everly-Brothers kind of connection. So that makes working with Tom really not ‘work.’

You know, I know it’s hard to choose, but do you have a favorite Tom Petty song?

Um, you know what? It just depends on the time. It’s like, you know, right now, we’re doing, tonight, we’re doing ‘Insider,’ which is a really beautiful, tragic ballad, you know. So um… And it is tragic and so singing it with him, you know, we remember the tragic days. I mean, we love tragedy ’cause that’s what we write about, you know? So when you can sing a tragic ballad, I mean, as sad as it is, it’s so great ’cause that’s the compassion, you know?

I was going to say, those sad stories, those lyrics make for some great music, right? I gotta ask you about Beyonce, your old Bootylicious co-star, you know? She’s performing at the Grammys this weekend. She’s expecting twins. I mean, how excited are you for her?

I’m so excited for her. I can’t believe she’s expecting twins.

I know, it’s crazy, right?

I know. Well, you know what, that’s it, they’re done! They have three kids, they’re finished!

That’s it, right?

So, yeah, that’s great.

There’s a lot of questions about whether or not she can perform at Coachella. I mean, if there’s anyone who can pull it off, do you think it’s her?

It will be her. I watched her do Glastonbury like three years ago, and I watched it on TV by myself with a really good…in London…with a really good sound system — and just me. And it was just so great, and I always knew she was good, but I walked away from that television show of Glastonbury going like, ‘Wow! This woman did two and a half hours, and she never stopped!’

Can she do it with twins though? Do you think she can pull it off?

Well, I don’t know ’cause I’ve never been pregnant with twins. So I have no idea.

Thank you very much. Have fun tonight.

Thank you.


Well, you know, when I first met him, it was because Jimmy Iovine came to me and said, ‘I don’t think you have a single on Bella Donna. But my friend, the reason you hired me, Tom Petty has a really great song and he’s offered to give it to you and sing it with you, and I think that you should take it.’ And I said, ‘Well, can I hear it?’ And he goes, ‘Yeah.’ So we played it and I was like, ‘Wow, this is like amazing!’ And it was like a, you know, it was a Heartbreaker track so it was different than all the rest of the tracks on my record. And it was such a cool, sexy song, you know? And then I get to go in and do a video.

So I actually really got to hang out with Tom and actually get to know him in the making of that whole thing. And so I would kid him, I would go, ‘You know, if you guys ever would have like a girl in your band, I might be, I might consider dumping the solo thing and like just joining the Heartbreakers. And he’d go like, [in a deep, low voice]’No girls allowed.’ And I’d go, I’d think to myself, hmm… And I’d go like, ‘Well, we’ll see 30 years down the road, and you know what? I mean, he let me come out on the road with him in 2007, and do three months.



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