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Virtual Gorillaz release ‘Oil’ featuring Stevie Nicks

Gorillaz has released the new track “Oil” featuring the fabulous Stevie Nicks!

Produced by Gorillaz’s Damon Albarn and Grammy-Award-winning producer Greg Kurstin (Adele, Kelly Clarkson, Sia), the otherworldly track takes “fairy-like companions” to a fantasyland of “interlocking cluster bombs like drum and bass.” Stevie adds her trademark vocals to some pretty trippy stuff, but it’s just classic Gorillaz-speak — rambling, poetic and brilliant all at the same time. 

“Oil” opens with 2-D (Albarn) pondering the disappointment of having coded a world of “faulty dreams.” He’s all alone, instead of being with the “early database of your love.” As he explores, the environment is bleak, war-torn and riddled with “wells of poison” (oil?) and those darn interlocking cluster bombs! But as he processes the surreal predicament, 2-D suddenly becomes hopeful, not so cold, as if, um, a mystical superhero enchantress shared some timely wisdom: Your heart is not a sad affair! Individual actions can change the world, so fill them up with love!

This is virtual insanity that only Gorillaz could have envisioned, so jump onboard and “fly out of the doldrums”!

“Oil” is out now on Gorillaz’s new album Cracker Island.


Then I put my codes in the machine
But the world I found was made
Of faulty dreams (of faulty dreams)

I was on my own there
In the psychic silence

I was looking out for
Some other kite to

Fly out of the doldrums
And recall the log

From the early database
Of your love (of your love)

Fairy-like companions
To the dark mass that catapult

Us into imagined worlds
Seems a mockery remote

Interlocking cluster bombs
Like drum and bass I thought

Close the wells of poison
Fill them up with love

I was on my own there
I was all alone

I got lost intangible
But that’s thе place you reach when

You can’t hеlp yourself anymore
And the madness comes

You’ll be falling into the
Bass and drum (bass and drum)

Fairy-like companions
To the dark mass that catapult

Us into imagined worlds
Seems a mockery remote

‘Cause I got no choice in it
And I’m not so cold

I could look you in the eye
And not recall (and not recall)

Don’t think that my heart is a sad affair
Without you

Individual actions
Change the world

Fill them up with love

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