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Stevie Nicks – Climate Pledge Arena, Seattle WA, 3/15/2023

On Wednesday night, Stevie Nicks performed at Climate Pledge Arena in Seattle, the first show of her 2023 solo tour. During rehearsals last month, Stevie invited fans to share their set list requests, and as expected, there were literally hundreds of songs submitted for consideration. To everyone’s surprise and delight, Stevie pulled out the obscure “I Sing for the Things” from her third solo album Rock a Little, the first time that the song has ever been performed in concert. See a clip of it below.

The rocker “Fall from Grace” and Fleetwood Mac masterpiece “Sara” also returned to the set list.

Outside the Rain/Dreams

Stevie opened the show with her reliable “Outside the Rain”/”Dreams” combo. During “Dreams,” she threw in an impressive sustained note on “you know what you lost…” during the pre-chorus.

If Anyone Falls

Stevie welcomed the Seattle crowd and let them know that she had broken her “little toe” on Monday afternoon. Wearing less precarious footwear, Stevie was still able to move about the stage with ease, throwing in the occasional twirl and keeping the energy level high, like a self-dubbed “cheerleader.”

“Welcome, Seattle! Can I tell you how glad we are to be here. We got here on Monday night instead of being in Los Angeles, where all of our houses are falling off the mountains. Nothing we can do, so we’re happy to be here. I will tell you one little thing because it’s truth, I love to tell my audiences truth. You might know this, that I’m not wearing high heels tonight. The reason being, I found out on Monday afternoon right before I got on the plane to come here that my little toe was broken. I know, what a downer. I said to say like hello/goodbye di Fabrizio and hello Balenciaga. So if I appear to be a little bit cheerleader-y, that’s why! And I have family here and so…I know they’re out there somewhere. She’s a nurse, so in case I need you, I’ll call you, you’ll run right up.

“So anyway, let’s get this party started. We’re so glad to be here! So you glad you’re here! Welcome!” 

Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around

The blues rocker “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around” from Bella Donna was next. Guitarist Waddy Wachtel resumed his role as Stevie’s duet partner on the song.

Fall from Grace

Stevie has been mixing classics with lesser-known tracks, along with their stories, while being mindful of her fans who just wanted to hear the hits.  She revisited the electrifying “Fall from Grace” from Trouble in Shangri-La, and the pensive “Soldier’s Angel” from In Your Dreams, which has taken on new meaning for Stevie since Russia invaded Ukraine.

For What It’s Worth

Stevie continues to perform her cover of Buffalo Springfield’s “For What It’s Worth,” which she recorded and released as a digital single last May.


“Gypsy,” a Billboard No. 12 hit for Fleetwood Mac back in the fall of 1982, was bright and graceful.

Wild Heart

Stevie began performing shortened versions of “Wild Heart” and “Bella Donna” during her 2016 24 Karat Gold Tour. She has since included these title tracks from her first and second solo albums in her most recent concert sets.

Bella Donna

During “Bella Donna,” Stevie draped herself in the famous blue cape.

Stand Back

I Sing for the Things

Stevie performed “I Sing for the Things” for the first time in her solo concerts. It followed “Stand Back” in the revised set list, with the Tom Petty cover “Free Fallin'” moving to the first encore position. 

“It’s going to be like Prince and the Pea, except it’ll be Princess and the Cape.

“So I have to just say one thing about this next song. First of all, it’s never been done onstage before. Why? Because when I wrote it, and it was recorded somewhere, we think, 1986, I was not in a good place. We don’t exactly remember what place that was, but we know it wasn’t a good place and it’s very sad when you hear it on the recorded version. Or as Waddy likes to say, “agonizing.” So we decided that we would like to do it now because it was never meant to be agonizing. It was meant to be a really good, uplifting song about people that do what we do. So anyway, that’s what it is and it’s called “I Sing for the Things That Money Can’t Buy.”

Gold Dust Woman


Stevie gave an exquisite rendition of “Sara,” her Fleetwood Mac classic from Tusk. She sustained some notes, while pleasantly inflecting others. Wearing a sparkling red shawl, she danced playfully around the circular stage figuration, which resembled a crescent moon.

Edge of Seventeen

The show culminated with Stevie’s signature set closer “Edge of Seventeen,” which did not disappoint. At the end of the song, she danced and waved at the crowd, with her ribbon-laced tambourine in hand.

Free Fallin’

For the first encore, Stevie paid tribute to her longtime friend and collaborator Tom Petty by covering “Free Fallin'”from his 1989 solo album Full Moon Fever.


Stevie performed “Rhiannon” without the piano introduction. She danced and showed off the long flowy sleeves attached to her trademark black chiffon shirt.


Stevie ended the evening with “Landslide,” the emotional high point of the show. With just guitarist Waddy Wachtel and keyboardist Darrell Smith accompanying her onstage, Stevie dedicated the tender ballad to the late Christine McVie. As old pictures of the two displayed on the large monitor at the back of the stage, the crowd smiled and sang along. Time makes you bolder, children get older. I’m getting older too.

Singer CIL (“One More Shot”) was Stevie’s support act. CIL will be opening at four West Coast shows: Seattle, Las Vegas, San Francisco, and Sacramento.

Special thanks to Michael Wight and Devin Creisler Studios for the videos and @BRStevieNicks for the live, play-by-play action from the show!

Stevie Nicks
Stevie Nicks
Stevie Nicks
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Stevie Nicks
Stevie Nicks

Set List

  1. Outside the Rain
  2. Dreams
  3. If Anyone Falls
  4. Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around
  5. Fall from Grace
  6. For What It’s Worth (Buffalo Springfield cover)
  7. Gypsy
  8. Wild Heart
  9. Bella Donna
  10. Soldier’s Angel
  11. Stand Back
  12. I Sing for the Things — LIVE DEBUT
  13. Gold Dust Woman
  14. Sara
  15. Edge of Seventeen
  16. Free Fallin’
  17. Rhiannon 
  18. Landslide
Stevie Nicks Setlist Climate Pledge Arena, Seattle, WA, USA 2023

Support Act: CIL

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Lead Vocals Stevie Nicks
Guitar and Musical Director Waddy Wachtel
Bass Al Ortiz
Drums Drew Hester
Guitar Carlos Rios
Keyboards Ricky Peterson
Keyboards Darrell Smith
Background Vocals Sharon Celani and Marilyn Martin



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