Street Angel Recording Sessions, 1992-1993

Original Master Recording – February 1993

01. Docklands  09. God’s Garden
02. Rose Garden  10. Maybe Love Will Change Your Mind
 03. If You Were My Love  11. Just Like a Woman
 04. Jane  12. Unconditional Love
 05. Listen to the Rain  13. Street Angel
 06. Destiny  14. Greta
 07. Blue Denim  15. Love Is Like a River
 08. Inspiration

1. Docklands

2. Rose Garden

3. If You Were My Love

4. Jane

5. Listen to the Rain

6. Destiny

7. Blue Denim

8. Inspiration

9. God’s Garden

10. Maybe Love Will Change Your Mind

11. Just Like a Woman

12. Unconditional Love

13. Street Angel

14. Greta

15. Love Is Like a River

Chris Lord-Alge Sessions 1992

Mirror Mirror

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