Stevie Nicks Trouble in Shangri-La (2001)

REVIEW: Planets of the Universe, Every Day

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**STEVIE NICKS Planets of the Universe (4:21)
PRODUCERS: John Shanks, Stevie Nicks
WRITER: S. Nicks
Reprise 00572 (CD promo)

STEVIE NICKS Every Day (3:34)
PRODUCER: John Shanks
WRITERS: J. Shanks, D. Johnston
PUBLISHERS: EMI-Virgin/Little Miss/Line One, ASCAP
Reprise 00570 (CD promo)

One of music’s true originals previews Trouble in Shangri-La, her first studio collection in five years, with a sterling pair of tunes that nicely reflects the project’s overall tone. “Planets of the Universe” shows Nicks in classic form, wrapping her unique brand of romantic poetry in jittery electric guitars and a chugging groove, la her now signature 1982 smash “Edge of Seventeen.” Meanwhile, “Every Day” casts the artist in a more time-conscious mode, as she gamely interprets a sweet John Shanks/Damon Johnston song amid a cozy swirl of synths and strumming acoustic guitars. Although “Planets” is wisely aimed at mainstream rock and triple-A formats and “Every Day” is geared toward AC and top 40 outlets, the currently quirky (that is, narrowcast) nature of radio dictates that Nicks’ best shot at airplay for either track is at AC. Given a choice, most programmers will likely opt for “Planets,” if only because it’s her strongest self-penned effort in years. It’s also a refreshingly vibrant, instantly memorable recording on which Nicks performs with the kind of heart that’s made her an enduring rock heroine. In the end, though, both songs are several notches above the material currently vying for attention right now. You can’t lose by choosing either tune.

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Billboard / April 7, 2001

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