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Stevie Nicks The Other Side of the Mirror 1989

MAY 26: Happy Birthday, Stevie!

Today is Stevie’s 72nd birthday. “The lady from the mountain” looks about 20 years younger at certain angles, so it’s no surprise that fans marvel at her seemingly ageless appearance year after...

Stevie Nicks letter shelter in place

STEVIE: ‘Love will find a way ~’

On Monday, Stevie Nicks let her fans know that she is fine, sheltering in place with her goddaughters, her assistant Karen, and their dogs. She shared one of her famous letters, decorated with hearts and stars. In the...

Sting, Stevie Nicks, The Last Ship, February 11, 2020

Stevie catches The Last Ship

On Tuesday, Stevie took in a production of The Last Ship, a new musical with music and lyrics by Sting. She posed backstage with The Police singer and the show’s guests (Eric Burdon, Frances McNamee, Matthew...

Stevie Nicks PGA West La Quinta January 17 2020

Stevie rocks ‘Golf-chella’

Stevie Nicks performed to a sold-out crowd at the American Express PGA WEST golf tournament in La Quinta, CA, on Friday night. She greeted the audience with a nod to her desert roots. “Welcome! Well, here we are...

Stevie Nicks Lily dog InStyle January 2020

Why I Love My Dog, Lily

Stevie Nicks writes about her Chinese Crested Dog, Lily, her special companion on the road and in life, in the January 2020 issue of InSTYLE magazine.

Stevie Nicks, Luke Bryan, PGA Tour, PGA West, La Quinta CA, January 2020

Stevie Nicks co-headling PGA West La Quinta

Stevie Nicks will be co-headlining PGA West La Quinta on Friday, January 17. Earlier this week, The American Express™ PGA TOUR golf event taking place January 15-19 in La Quinta, CA, announced that Stevie and country...

Stevie Nicks dons costume for Metropolitan Opera Akhnaten

Stevie goes to the opera, dresses the part

On Saturday, Stevie paid a visit to The Metropolitan Opera, dressing the part — literally! Costumer Rayneese Primrose posted photos on Instagram of Stevie decked out in avant-guard fabulousness, captioning “I got...