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Stevie Nicks Albums

Stevie Nicks Stand Back: 1981-2017Stand Back: 1981–2017 (2019)

Compilation producers: Bill Inglot and Jason Day
Release: Mar 29, 2019 (1CD); Apr 19, 2019 (3CD); Jun 27, 2019 (6Xvinyl)
Notes: Remastered, with selection of single versions and remixes



24 Karat Gold album cover

24 Karat Gold: Songs from the Vault (2014)

Producers: Dave Stewart, Stevie Nicks
Release: Sep 30, 2014 (vinyl); Oct 7, 2014 (CD, digital) (#7/Hot 200)
Digital singles: The Dealer, Lady, Starshine (#1 iTunes Rock)
Sales: 33,000 (1st week sales)



2011-in-your-dreams-cover-250In Your Dreams (2011)

Producers: Dave Stewart, Stevie Nicks
Release: May 3, 2011 (#6/Hot 200)
Singles: Secret Love, For What It’s Worth
Sales: 188,000 (as of March 2013)



The Soundstage Sessions (2009)The Soundstage Sessions/Live in Chicago (2009)

Producer: Joe Thomas
Mar 31, 2009 (#47/Hot 200)
Singles: Crash into Me
Sales: 46,000+



Stevie Nicks Crystal VisionsCrystal Visions…The Very Best of Stevie Nicks (2007)

A&R: David May
Release: Mar 27, 2007 (#21/Hot 200)
Singles: Stand Back, Landslide (promo), Rock and Roll (promo)
Sales: 505,000+ – Gold (2014)



Stevie Nicks Trouble in Shangri-La (2001)Trouble in Shangri-La (2001)

Producers: John Shanks, Sheryl Crow, Stevie Nicks, David Kahne, Pierre Marchand, Rick Nowels, Jeff Trott Release: May 1, 2001 (#5/Hot 200)
Singles: Every Day, Planets of the Universe, Sorcerer
Sales: 500,000 units to US retailers – Gold



2000-the-divine-stevie-nicksThe Divine Stevie Nicks (2000)

Release: 2000 (Europe-only compilation)
Notes: Tracks from The Wild Heart (1983) and The Other Side of the Mirror (1989)
Status: Out of print



Stevie Nicks Enchanted 1998Enchanted (1998)

Compilation producer: Woody Firm
Release: Apr 28, 1998 (#85/Hot 200)
Singles: “Reconsider Me” (promo)
Sales: 500,00 units (3XCD) to US retailers – Gold
Actual: 172,000 (May 2011)



Stevie Nicks Street Angel 1994Street Angel (1994)

Producers: Thom Panunzio, Stevie Nicks
Release: May 24, 1994
Singles: Maybe Love Will Change Your Mind (#57), Blue Denim
Sales: 500,000 units to US retailers – Gold



Stevie Nicks Timespace 1991Timespace: The Best of Stevie Nicks (1991)

Release: Sep 3, 1991
Singles: Sometimes It’s a Bitch (#60), Love’s a Hard Game to Play
Sales: 1 million units to US retailers – Platinum



Stevie Nicks The Other Side of the Mirror 1989The Other Side of the Mirror (1989)

Producer: Rupert Hines
Release: May 11, 1989
Singles: Rooms on Fire (#16), Two Kinds of Love, Whole Lotta Trouble
Sales: 1 million units to US retailers – Platinum



Stevie Nicks Rock a Little (1985)Rock a Little (1985)

Producers: Jimmy Iovine, Rick Nowels, Stevie Nicks, Keith Olsen, Chas Sanford
Release: Nov 1985
Singles: Talk to Me (#4), I Can’t Wait (#16), Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You (#60).
Sales: 1 million units to US retailers – Platinum



Stevie Nicks The Wild Heart (1983)The Wild Heart (1983)

Producer: Jimmy Iovine
Release: Jun 10, 1983 (#5/Hot 200)
Singles: Stand Back (#5), If Anyone Falls (#14), Nightbird (#33)
Sales: 2 million units to US retailers – Double platinum



Stevie Nicks Bella Donna (1981)Bella Donna (1981)

Producer: Jimmy Iovine
Release: Jul 27, 1981 (#1/Hot 200)
Singles: Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around (#3), Leather and Lace (#5), Edge of Seventeen (#11), and After the Glitter Fades (#32)
Sales: 5 million units to US retailers – 5X platinum



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Buckingham Nicks (1973)Buckingham Nicks (1973)

Producer: Keith Olsen
Release: Sep 5, 1973
Singles: Crying in the Night, Without a Leg to Stand On, Don’t Let Me Down Again
Status: Out of print




Bob Aguirre (drums) Lindsey Buckingham (bass) Brian Kane (lead guitar) Stevie Nicks (vocals) Javier Pacheco (keyboards)
Early members: Jody Moreing (guitars, vocals), Cal Roper (bass)
Notes: Formed in 1966, disbanded in 1971



Stevie NicksThe Changing Times

Circa 1963, Stevie was part of a four-member, folk-influenced a-capella vocal group, while attending Arcadia High School in Arcadia, California. Although she did not graduate from Arcadia High School, Stevie attended the Class of 1966’s 40th reunion at the Westin Hotel in Pasadena, California on October 7, 2006.



Soundtracks & Miscellaneous Recordings

1976 – Warren Zevon – Warren Zevon (“Mohammed’s Radio,” backup vocals)

1976 – Tom Snow – Tom Snow (“Hurry Boy” and “Rosanna,” backup vocals)

1977 – Fundamental Roll – Walter Egan  (backup vocals)

1978 – Not Shy – Walter Egan (“Just the Waiting,” “Magnet and Steel,” and “The Blond in the Blue T-Bird,” backup vocals)

1978 – Back to the Bars – Todd Rundgren (“Hello It’s Me,” backup vocals)

1978 – Nightwatch – Kenny Loggins (“Whenever I Call You Friend,” backup vocals)

1978 – Dane Donohue – Dane Donohue (“Casablanca” and “Woman,” backup vocals)

1979 – Bombs Away Dream Babies  – John Stewart (“Gold” and “Midnight Wind,” backup vocals)

1979 – Three Hearts – Bob Welch (“Devil Wind,” backup vocals)

1981 – Heavy Metal Soundtrack (“Blue Lamp”)

1981 – Louise Goffin – Louise Goffin (“If You Ever Did Believe,” backup vocals)

1981 – Hard Promises – Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (“Insider” and “You Can Still Change Your Mind,” backup vocals)

1982 – Fast Times at Ridgemont High Soundtrack  (“Sleeping Angel”)

1982 – Orders from Headquarters – Robbie Patton (“Smiling Islands,” backup vocals)

1983 – Cat Dancer – Sandy Stewart (“Cat Dancers,” “Get My Way,” and “I Pretend,” backup vocals)

1984 – Streets of Fire Soundtrack (“Sorcerer”- Marilyn Martin, backup vocals)

1984 – Against All Odds Soundtrack (“Violet and Blue”)

1985 – American Anthem Soundtrack (“Battle of the Dragon”)

1987 – A Very Special Christmas (“Silent Night”)

1988 – King of the Blues – B.B. King (“Can’t Get Enough,” backup vocals)

1992 – King of Hearts – Rick Vito (“Desiree” and “Intuition,” backup vocals)

1993 – Robin Zander (“Secret,” backup vocals)

1995 – Boys on the Side Soundtrack (“Somebody Stand by Me”)

1995 – For The Love of Harry: Everybody Sings Nilsson (“Lay Down Your Arms” with Ringo Star)

1995 – Playback: 1973-1993 – Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (“The Apartment Song” from 1984, backup vocals)

1996 – Off the Beaten Path – Dave Koz (“Let Me Count the Ways,” backup vocals)

1996 – Twister Soundtrack (“Twisted” with Lindsey Buckingham)

1996 – Music from Party of Five (“Freefallin’”)

1998 – Best Buy Presents Stevie Nicks: The Enchanted Tour (“Enchanted,” Interview, “Garbo”)

1998 – Practical Magic Soundtrack (“If You Ever Did Believe,” “Crystal”)

1999 – Jesse & The Eighth Street Kidz – Jesse Camp (“Saviour,” backup vocals)

1999 – AT&T Presents Stormy Weather (“At Last”)

2000 – VH1 Storytellers (“Edge of Seventeen” and “Strong Enough” with Sheryl Crow, 1999)

2001 – Sweet November Soundtrack (“Touched by an Angel”)

2001 – A Very Special Christmas 5 (“Silent Night” with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers)

2002- C’mon, C’mon – Sheryl Crow (“C’mon, C’mon,” “Diamond Road,” and “You’re Not the One,” backup vocals)

2002 – KFOG Live from the Archives 9 (“Stand Back” Live in San Francisco, December 2001)

2003 – School of Rock Soundtrack (“Edge of Seventeen” – Timespace Version)

2004 – Chris Isaak Christmas (“Santa Claus Is Coming to Town,” backup vocals)

2007 – Heroes & Thieves – Vanessa Carlton (“The One,” backup vocals)

2011 – Listen to Me: Buddy Holly (“Not Fade Away”)

2013 – Sound City: Real to Reel Soundtrack (“You Can’t Fix This”)

2014 – Lady Antebellum (“Golden” featuring Stevie Nicks, digital single)

2015 – Cass County – Don Henley (“It Don’t Matter to the Sun” featuring Stevie Nicks)

2016 – The Driver – Charles Kelley (“Southern Accents” featuring Stevie Nicks)

2017 – Lust for Life – Lana Del Rey (“Beautiful People Beautiful Problems” featuring Stevie Nicks)

2017 – The Book of Henry Soundtrack (“Your Hand I Will Never Let It Go”)